A telemetry system that offers a set of tools to any entity working in a motor racing event!

In an era where information is key, ChronoLive intends to help enthusiasts, racing drivers, or even entire racing teams achieving precision through data by gathering, treating and showing the information they need, when they need it.

This is a plug’n’play system that connects to the vehicle’s ECU, which is able to record telemetry data for later analysis and real-time streaming to an online platform. It is a system that offers a complete set of tools for all entities involved in the event.

A telemetry system that offers a set of tools to any entity working in a motor racing event!


ChronoLive also brings a bit of innovation to the cockpit. It offers a racing dashboard capable of displaying the information a driver would need in such events.

Since the display is connected to the main system, it also makes available information that can be obtained from either the Race Control or the vehicle’s team principal, and with the right hardware, it even allows the driver to reply back.

While a driver is on track, any team member can follow aspects concerning either their driver or the current status of the vehicle. At any given moment, a team member using this dashboard can also send a direct message to the vehicle.

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ChronoLive offers everything an event organiser need need to set up the main aspects of the said event, as well as make any last-minute change, via an online platform accessible by an ordinary browser

As expected, every past event is also made available for consultation, as well as all its details concerning the drivers, vehicles, categories, and so on.

It also allows either the Race Control or the Track Marshalls to interact directly with any of the vehicles. This interaction may come in the form of the usual flags or as a direct message from Race Control.